28th Visual Arts Competition Winners

Second Prize - "Saranggola" 
by Elizaldie Zambra (Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific)

THEME: Scenes from My Hometown

Doon po sa amin.   Didto sa amoa.   Digto sa amon.   Diay yan mi.   Keta pung kekami.   Duman po sa muya.


Whatever the language, few phrases elicit as much feeling of warmth, nostalgia and pride of place. To tap into this rich reservoir of emotions and to reinforce the Filipino youth’s connection to their roots, the 28th DPC/YP-PLDT Visual Arts Competition (VAC) is adopting it as the contest theme. This would also ensure creative output with strong and diverse local flavor, befitting a truly national competition.


In the 28th VAC theme, ‘hometown’ is to be interpreted in a broad context. The term is not restricted to provincial towns where one (or one’s parents) grew up in; it can also refer to a city that one has learned to call—or has always known to be—‘home’. What is important is for every photograph to capture the unique beauty, charm or character of that place and/or the people who inhabit it.