AGEnt of Success

Bongawan, Jr., Artemio P.
University of Mindanao

For the theme "Habang may Buhay, may Pag-asa", I painted old woman who dreams of finishing her studies and graduating. To her, her age isn't a hindrance towards her goal. I wanted to show that as long as you have hope and perseverance nothing is too late. Age doesn't matter when it comes to success.


Pag May Pagmamahal, May Pag-asa

Eupalao, John Merick T.
Adventist University of the Philippines

Pag may pagmamahal sa bawat isa ay; may pagkakaisa sa likod ng pagsubok; may pagasa.


Light of Hope

Ramos, Maria Teresa M.
Far Eastern University

We have so many struggles in our life but we still face them with a little hope living inside us, believing after all the pain and sacrifices we have gone though it will bear beautiful things in our life. Even if we are in the hardest part of our life or feeling a great depression there is still a little hope that help us to lighten up our mind. Remember there will be someone who will be there to comfort and lessen your sadnes. To tel you to keep on going because they know that you have a future waiting for you, to motivate you to keep on correct things, to have an inspiration to achieve your dreams and tell you that you must not give up.


Reflection of Hope

Cantalejo, Jr., Arvin C.
Philippine Women's College of Davao

A man with a disability does not hinder him from being a functional being and capable of doing tasks that a normal person can. "Boxed" in a small room, it does not limit him to see the world still beaming with beautiful scenery and life. He also has an unlikely companion who loyally sits with him as he paints himself the way he truly feels... one that is whole, optimistic and one that is reflective of hope.